7 amazing uses of the rose essential oil

7 amazing uses of the rose essential oil

Rose essential oil is a type of essential oil commonly used in aromatherapy. Sourced from the Rosa damascena plant, it contains the flower’s aromatic compounds. Because these compounds possess anti-aging, anti-bacterial and healing properties. Below there are various uses of the rose essential oil which can help you to use this oil more effectively.

Relieves anxiety and stress

One of wonderful rose essential oil benefit is that it can help relieve anxiety and stress. Like all essential oils, rose oil is very strong and one should always use it in diluted form. Never use rose oil for internal purposes if it’s not in diluted form. However, when we apply it on the skin, it is easily penetrate in it.

Antioxidant Properties

Rose essential oil has strong activity for scavenging free radicals responsible for dangerous cell oxidation and aging. In particular, oils extracted from fresh flowers showed a potent free radical elimination potential when compared against common chemical oxidants.

Anti-Aging Potential

Promising results on the insects shed light on what could be a great potential role of rose essential oil also in human anti-aging. The presence of oil in the growing environment of fruit flies showed they had less mortality rates, without compromising reproduction or metabolic rate.

Relief from menstrual discomfort

Rose essential oil, when combined with cinnamon, clove oils, and lavender in a base of almond oil, one can use rose essential oil for abdominal massage. This combination may be useful in reducing the severity of cramps during menses.

Anti-Alzheimer Benefits 

Rose essential oil’s components are famous for having a very powerful impact as a neuropharmacological substance. Also in one study, the application of chloroformic extract of roses was shown to induce the growth of neurons, and prevent the formation of b-amyloid plaques.

Stimulates sex drive

Two studies have found that inhaling rose oil increased sexual desire and sexual satisfaction among men and, to a lesser extent, women. One study involved male participants with a major depressive disorder who were taking antidepressants, and the other study involved female participants with the same disorder and also on antidepressants. when they start using rose essential oil, researcher notice significant changes in the participants.

Improves sleep quality

In a study involving 60 randomly selected people, individuals who received routine care together with rose oil aromatherapy for three nights subsequently had a better quality of sleep compared to people who received only regular care.


Putting rose essential oil directly on your pet’s coat or skin can be toxic. Symptoms of overexposure include an unsteady or wobbly walk, lethargy or depression, and a drop in body temperature.

Some essential oils can be harmful to pregnant and breastfeeding women (and their babies). Consider who may be entering an environment where you are diffusing essential oils. There are also some other uses of rose essential oil, but one should be really careful while using it.

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