About Us

We Work Hard to Provide You the Best Quality Essential oils and Diffusers.

There are lots of things to tell about us and our team members. Our team of professionals spends most of their time to make our products in their category. we spent years in our lab to find the best way to extract oil. Extract from plants and herb without losing their natural properties and nutrients.

We came up with the best of our research and try to form a new product as a different brand which we named “Rainbow abby”. The main motive to name our essential oil range was to differentiate our premium product line-up from their original brand. We wanted to establish our Oils not just as a normal product but also a brand who itself hold some value.

To diffuse best of our essential oils we also worked hard to make our own line of different Diffusers for our customers. We did lots of research to make perfect diffuser who blends the oils in air so magically that makes you’re surrounding aromatically. We applied same formula on our diffuser range as we did with oils range. We want our diffusers to stand out more in the market, that’s why the technology we use in them is a lot different than others.

Our Company

Our company “Aromasure” started in June 2015 as a local seller in India. In India we expended in several states and promoted our business in every kind. Slowly and steady we also increase the size of our team from 3 persons to the team of 11 people. Like our team we also increase the size of our factory and manufacturing setup. 

 After getting huge success in the offline medium of our business, we decided to come up with our online business model. We want provide our premium Oils and diffusers to the countries which demand them most. It took us lots of time to join the online business model. We believe that it’s never late when you want to start something new.

Our company believes in hard work and customer satisfaction. Online business model in a new thing to us but we will provide our best efforts to make your experience fulfilling. We also obtained international certification to export our essential oils to the customers in every corner of the world. We do not test our products on any animal or human being. Our company ensures that the quality control is up to mark. Ensure that only best of our products go for the deliveries. We are open for the feedbacks of our customer about anything they found well or bad in us. We believe that feedbacks improve you.

Interested? Shop our Oils Collection!

Take a look at our collection of essential oils. We provide oils in three major categories and you can choose which one you need or want. Always read product description before you buy them, to know about the uses and direction of use.

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