Best essential oils for anxiety by Aromasure

Best essential oils for anxiety by Aromasure

Aromatherapy is the practice of inhaling the scent of essential oils to improve your well-being. One theory of how they work is that by stimulating the smell receptors in your nose, they can send messages to your nervous system. They are also have a subtle effect on the body’s chemical and energy systems. Because of this, aromatherapy is often used as a natural remedy to relieve anxiety and stress. In this article we will tell about some of best essential oils for anxiety, these oils have powerful effect to prevent anxiety.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil can be used in various ways but the most common method is the bath method where you have a calming bath in the tub with water containing many drops of lavender oil. One of the most popular and widely used essential oil in the world is Lavender and there is a good reason for that. Lavender is one of the most effective essential oil out there for dealing with stress and anxiety. Lavender is also consider to be the most popular adaptogenic essential oil. Topically applying this essential oil according to research helps bring faster relief from anxiety symptoms.

Basil essential oil

Using basil essential oil in the diffuser to spread it’s aroma everywhere and inhaling is the best way to reduce anxiety. Basil essential oil comes from the same herb that you use to make marinara sauce. In aromatherapy, it’s great to help calm the mind and relieve stress. According to a 2015 studyTrusted Source on mice, the phenol compounds in sweet basil oil helped relieve anxiety. These compounds were found to be less sedating than the anxiety medication diazepam.

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile is another hugely popular herb that has managed to make this list of best essential oil for anxiety depression. This herb appears similar to a daisy. With the help of steam distillation, the chamomile essential oil comes out from this herb. The oil often has a fruity sweet scent. Research has shown that this essential oil is definitely capable of reducing stress anxiety as well as the effects of other health issues.

Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense is definitely one of the most popular and well known essential oils in the world. This oil is even referenced in the Bible. There are many health benefits of Frankincense oil and one of these benefits is anxiety reduction. The oil is able to reduce anxiety by affecting a part of the human brain name as the Limbic system that is responsible for controlling emotions. An aromatherapy hand massage using a blend of frankincense, lavender, and bergamot improved anxiety, depression, and pain in people with terminal cancer.

Clary sage essential oil

Clary sage is another medicinal plant that can help with anxiety reduction. And studies have also proven that its stress anxiety reduction effects are also true. Generally, its most common method of application is inhalation. Clary sage can ease tension and help control cortisol levels in women. Cortisol is the stress hormone and liable to increase stress. High cortisol levels may increase your risk of anxiety and depression.

Jasmine essential oil

Jasmine oil is in use for centuries to treat problems of insomnia, anxiety, depression, and low libido. Also, recent researches and studies state that the aroma of jasmine oil is as effective as valium in calming the nerves and relieving stress and anxiety. Thereby indicating the usefulness of this oil in helping treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Unlike some other essential oils which we use for anxiety. Jasmine oil is best to calm the nervous system without causing sleepiness.

Rose essential oil

This sweet-smelling essential oil helps calm and relax the mind. It has many hidden medicinal properties and have a use in a lot of traditional healing practices. Rose essential oil contains specific properties that help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can be either use to apply on the skin or in aromatherapy. Using a rose aromatherapy footbath can also reduce anxiety in pregnant women during labor.

This is our list of the best essential oil for anxiety, Before making this list we write down several factors of all the essential oils. These 7 essential stand out best on our different pera-meters. If you know another essential oil which can have great effects in reducing anxiety and stress, then comment down below. Also there are in-build links to all the essential oils, you can purchase them if want to have some premium oils in your collection.

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