Improve your health with Lavender essential oil

Improve your health with Lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is one of the most useful oils you can have in your kit. You can use it to treat bug bites, alleviate anxiety, treat dandruff, and even clean around the house. In this particular article we will tell you various insights on how you can improve your health with lavender essential oil. Lavender oil is one of the best essential oil available to us. This oil can help you in various situations throughout the day. Let’s know more about it.

Dilute pure lavender oil in your choice of carrier.

Applying pure essential oil to your skin can potentially cause severe irritation. The most common dilution is a 2% preparation, or 12 drops of lavender oil per 1 fluid ounce (30 mL) of your carrier oil, lotion, or other moisturizer.

  • Popular carrier oils include coconut, olive, sweet almond, argan, and avocado oils.
  • You can either dilute the lavender oil ahead of time and store it or you can dilute a little each time you need it.
  • Some people prefer to use lavender oil undiluted; however, this can cause you to become extremely sensitive to lavender over time.

Rub 2-3 drops in your palms and inhale to ease anxiety.

Lavender is probably best known for its soothing, relaxing, properties. By adding a little lavender oil to your palms, then cupping your hands around your face and breathing deeply, you can help ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

  • Lavender oil can also help ease insomnia due to stress.

Diffuse during a massage to ease pain.

The soothing scent of lavender may also help you feel more relaxed as you get a massage. It also promotes soothing effects and helping ease the pain of sore muscles, sprains, or achy joints.

  • To diffuse your essential oil, you can place a few drops of the oil onto a tissue and place it near you during your massage.
  • If you’re using a diffuser, read the instructions to determine whether or not you need to dilute the lavender oil. You do not need to dilute it if you are placing the oil onto a tissue.
  • You can also add 2 drops of this oil to 1 teaspoon of massage oil to promote relaxation.

Apply few drops to soothe a minor burn.

Burns can be extremely painful, but a few drops of lavender oil may help take out some of the sting and ease the redness in the area.

  • Lavender oil can also relieve a minor sunburn.

Use few drops to ease bug bites.

Lavender oil can take the itching and swelling out of bug bites. It is also effective on stings including bee stings, ant bites, and flea bites. Just place one drop on top of the sting to help relieve your discomfort.

  • The oil can also help reduce the temptation to scratch the bug bite, helping to avoid potentially dangerous and painful infections.

Add 2-3 drops in your skin cream to treat acne.

Lavender won’t clog your pores, and it has antibacterial properties, which may be the reason it’s so helpful at clearing up acne. Since you’re mixing the lavender oil into your skin cream, there’s no need to dilute it with oil first.

  • You can also add a dab of diluted lavender oil directly onto a blemish to help soothe your skin and reduce redness.

These are some of the uses of lavender oil which can improve quality of life. Always remember that you should buy these essential oils from a trusted seller like us. One should be careful with essential oil, as these oils are in highly extracted form. Apply few drops of essential oil on a small area of hand to see if you are allergic to any.

If you guys know nay other use or benefit of lavender essential oil to improve your health, then mention below in comments.

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