Sooth out sore muscles

Sooth out sore muscles with essential oils

Essential oils are powerful, extraction from roots, barks, blossoms, and other parts of plants. They are highly effective at boosting athletic performance and also to sooth out sore muscles. These oils can be dissolve in a drink to consume orally, or mix them with carrier oils for a great massage.

In this particular article we will tell you some essential oils, which can provide relief from sore muscles. These essential oils are best in class and also comes with great aroma.

Lavender essential oil

Many pain-relieving creams already contain lavender, because it is widely popular for its ability to ease inflammation and provide relief. Add a few drop of lavender oil to coconut oil (or any massage oil you prefer) and also massage same on sore muscles.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger oil is also excellent at easing inflammation. It provides relief from muscles spasms, joint pain, and muscle aches. Add 2-3 drops of ginger oil to hot tea and drink immediately before or after a workout. Alternatively, dilute a few drops of ginger oil in a carrier oil (such as jojoba) and massage into your skin. Consuming essential oils orally is somewhat controversial. Consult a doctor before trying this.

Black pepper essential oil

Black pepper oil is a powerful warming agent, which is excellent for muscle or joint pain. Additionally, using black pepper oil before you workout can help loosen your muscles and prevent stiffness. Dilute a few drops of black pepper oil in a carrier oil and massage into your skin before you hit the gym, or after. Remember that black pepper essential oil may lead to irritation, so use wisely.


Essential oils are not medically approved or regulated. As such, you should use caution when applying them to your skin. Always begin with a very small amount, and watch for signs of rash or skin discomfort. Consider discussing the topical use of essential oils with your doctor. Avoid the use of essential oils on pets and children.

Although these are main three essential oils which can sooth our sore muscles easily. If use know any other essential oil, which works like a charm for you. Don’t forget to mention it in comments below.

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