treat hair with essential oils

Treat different hair conditions with essential oils…

Essential oils are great for adding soothing or revitalizing fragrances to your shampoos, and they often smell great. Some oils are even known to have beneficial or medicinal properties. You can use essential oils to treat different hair conditions and make your hair better and strong.

Pick oils for normal hair.

Essential oils have different fragrances and properties, so some are better for treating different hair types and hair care problems than others. If you have normal hair that isn’t prone to dryness and isn’t overly oily, some of the best essential oils for your hair include:

Manage oily hair.

There are a variety of essential oils that help with oily hair, because they either help slow oil production or are simply better at cleaning the scalp of oil. If you have oily hair, experiment with oils such as:

Treat dry hair.

Dry hair is characterized by tangles, split ends, and dullness. It can be caused by a lack of oil from the scalp, too many damaging hair treatments, and overuse of heat tools and hair styling products. You can add some moisture back to your hair with oils such as:

Pick oils to help with minor dandruff.

Dandruff can be caused by a number of different things, but there are a few essential oils that can help with minor flakes and itchy scalps. These include:

There are mainly 4 hair conditions which apply on the everyone. These essential oils can improve the quality for your hairs by removing and treat these hair conditions mentioned above. You can play around with different essential oil combinations, or you can follow established recipes. It’s always important to store your shampoo properly after you mix in the oils, so that they don’t deteriorate.

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