Want to know, how to formulate a blend?

Want to know, how to formulate a blend?

If you are using essential oils from a long time then you might also wonder, that how can you formulate your own blend from essential oils. Don’t worry, because this article holds all the information you need to make or formulate your own blend. You can always use our premium essential oils to make your blends.

Determine what type of scent you want.

Different types of scents are often used to alleviate different issues. Think about what type of scent you want. There are general categories of essential oil scent, and oils in any one category tend to mix well with their own kind. That said, you can mix scents from different categories. Try experimenting with different types of scents.

Choose top, middle, and base notes.

The note of an oil refers to the length of time that it takes to evaporate. Top notes evaporate the quickest while base notes linger for a long time. If you want your oils to hold their aroma for a certain time, choose a good base note that pairs well with top and middle notes.

Test your blend.

Dip one cotton swab into each bottle of oil. You should use one swab per bottle. Hold these about a foot away from your nose, and swirl them in circles in the air. This will give you a sense of what the scent combination will smell like. If you do not like it, try removing one of the cotton swabs, and try again. This will help you find a good combination of aromas for your blend.

  • You can also use cotton balls or fragrance testing strips to try out your scents.

Mix the oils.

Once you have determined your essential oil blend, you can start adding them together. Using a pipette or dropper, drop the measured amounts of your top, middle, and base notes into a clean mixing bowl or into a glass vial. Drop the correct amount of drops as stated per the recipe you are using. If you are unsure how much to use, you can follow a few different guidelines:

  • The 30-50-20 rule: your mixture is 30% of your top note, 50% of your middle note, and 20% of your base note.
  • The 1-2-3 Rule: For every one drop of your base note, you have two drops of your middle note and three drops of your top note.
  • You should mix your essential oils together first before adding any carriers or diluting agents.

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